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02 May

Get Any Look You Wish to have! Go Through Types of Hairpieces and Tips to Pick Right One!

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Get Any Look You Wish to have! Go Through Types of Hairpieces and Tips to Pick Right One!

Hairpieces are a good option to highlight a certain portion of the scalp to hide partial hair loss. The best part is you don’t have to rely on just one option or two, as of now a plethora of types and colors in hairpieces are available out there. Beyond any doubt, these hairpieces can give you a completely new look without letting you invest an abundance of money in wigs.


Either you have short hair or long, you will get your one-of-a-kind hairpiece easily. If you feel overwhelmed with a wide array of options, we are all here to assist you in choosing the right one. Here we are sharing the varied types of hairpieces and tips to buy the right one!


Types of Hairpieces




Switches are used to create a beautiful ponytail. It comes in synthetic and human hair. Hairpieces can be attached by using the loop on the top. It comes in stems, like one stem or two stem switches as per the requirements.


Diamond Mesh


A long weft is sewn with needle & thread together in the pattern. It’s made with a thin wire to ensure that it can be molded or bent in a diamond shape. It can be used as an additional hair section at the time of using a ponytail.


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Halo Weft


It adds extra hair and length. A string halo is used to the thick weft and the wearer can place it just as a crown. But it’s considered as a risky option as it can slip off the hair at the time head is tipped or any other related moment.




It creates an illusion with a scalp and appears just like the skin. It’s made up of polyurethane or silicone. Here most durable material is used. To protect the particular head area, these hairpieces are used for durable use.


How to Maintain Healthy Hair underneath the Hairpiece?


It's important to keep your original hair healthy while wearing a hairpiece. Here are some tips you must go through!


Shampoo Your Hair


At least once a week, it’s necessary to shampoo your hair to reduce flakes and dandruff. Use a sulfate-free shampoo for softer and more manageable hair. Keep it doing just as you in a normal routine.


Massaging the Scalp


The hairpieces and wigs lower down the blood flow. It's necessary to massage the scalp thoroughly to allow blood circulation.



Keep your hair moisturized for some time before using any hairpiece. You can use a conditioner for it. It will keep you relieved from itchiness. It lets your scalp breathe even while wearing a hairpiece.


Remove before Sleep


Never ever sleep with a hairpiece. Your scalp needs fresh air to breathe. But if you keep wearing a hairpiece while sleeping then you are indirectly raising hair loss. So remove it and apply a moisturizer before off to bed.


Basic Difference of Wigs v/s Hairpieces!


Wigs and hairpieces, both serve the purpose of covering the baldness. The most basic difference between the two is the quantity of head coverage. A hair wig is used to protect the whole head, whereas a hairpiece can cover just a specific portion. Several health issues, like trichotillomania, chemo, and alopecia lead to loss of complete hair. Here wigs are the ideal option to prefer as just a hairpiece can’t do complete coverage.


However, to cover bald patches or spots, you can choose hairpieces. Also, it gets easily mixed up with your current hair and gives cover to partial hair loss.

What Things Should You Consider while Picking Perfect Hairpiece?


Here are some tips to help you while choosing a hairpiece!


Base Design


Hairpieces come in varied base design. Some are thin and lightweight but are not suitable for tropical climates. There are some others that look natural and breathable but are not so durable. So it’s food to go for each detail.


Hair Length


Hairpiece selection depends on hair length too. As per your original hair, you can choose length from 3 to 30 inches.


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Hair Type


Hairpieces come in synthetic and human hair types. You can pick synthetic hairpiece for grey hair as it doesn’t get fade away. For dark hair, you can choose human hair hairpiece.


Hair Density


Choosing the right hairpiece also depends on the hair density of your original hair. You need to pick it by considering your hair density for a realistic look.


Hair Color


Hairpiece color should look alike to your original hair. Widely assorted colors are available in these hairpieces to reflect true colors to you.


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Wig Store Hair and Beauty Canada carry all solutions for you. Wigs Canada serves the best purpose to keep your scalp protected and let you look beautiful. On the same tone, hairpieces Canada also lets you sustain your beauty with any hairstyle you want. By implementing all the guidelines shared with you regarding the type of hairpiece, tips while choosing, you can pick the right one. Best wishes!


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