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04 Jul

Easy-Peasy Do’s and Don’ts to make your synthetic wig look natural

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Choosing a hair wig is quite convenient but its styling plays a challenging role, even it’s more tuff in the case of a synthetic wig. Although synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs, it requires a lot of care and maintenance to have a natural look by wearing it. So here are simple do’s and don’ts everyone should try once if wished to get a natural look with synthetic wigs.



•    After buying a synthetic wig, go to your salon expert to properly shape the wig that suits your face cut. Sometimes, synthetic wigs are ready to wear straight out of the box but if you add a pinch of your own style with the help of your hairdresser, the synthetic wig will give you an illusion of natural hair. Just ask your hairdresser to trim the bangs or shape it to the most suitable style of yours.


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•    Synthetic wig requires special care and styling products so it is advised to always invest in those products along with the expenses of a wig.


•    To maintain its shape and to avoid tangles and strands, always keep your wig on a proper wig stand.


•    Choose natural looking hairline such as Lace Front Wigs or Monofilament tops, which are a bit pricey but always gives your hair a more natural look. Always try a hairline that better suits your facial frames.


•    Always pick a wig color that matches your skin tone. It would be a better practice if you choose a wig color relevant to your own natural hair color.


•    Try to customize your look by adding a scarf, hair band or any other wigs accessories. Don’t panic about the styling, you can go for low pony or half up look.


•    You should choose short hair wigs to adapt a new chic style as there are a numerous benefit of wearing short hair wig i.e. more sassier, trendy, money saver.




•    Never choose a bulkier wig as they are hard to manage and also they give an artificial look. A bulk to some extent is manageable by the hairstylist but the extra bulkier wigs don’t leave any choice rather than being messy.


•    Don’t make your wig in contact with heat such as opening oven door or removing lid from boiling water because steam and heat are not friendly with synthetic wigs and can ruin your wig instantly.


•    Don’t go for vibrant colors rather choose some true shades to have a more natural look.


•    Don’t purchase wigs with unnatural shine i.e. costume synthetic wig as it offers cheaper fibre and also it is not designed for daily use.


•    Don’t wear your wig continuously for long hours as a break is required to your scalp as well as to your wig to stay healthy.


Your hairpieces can act as nightmares if didn’t treated well. Wigs Canada offers you a range of styles, colors and sizes along with cap choices. So always choose synthetic wigs, that are more natural and suits your persona.


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