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30 Nov

Contouring Your Face Type: Short Wigs Vs Curly Wigs!

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High cheekbones and a sharp nose that sizzles up the room in which you step in accompanied by a hairstyle that accentuates your crafty figure? Sounds as if a diva is coming, isn’t it? A hairstyle that is a rhapsody of all current fashion trends and makes you stand out yet blend…again this makes you wonder about yourself right? But what is that which can give you that makeover?

What’s trending this season, the coming fall?


Short wigs are! Yes, the answers to all the above questions are this wig.


Platinum blonde to ebony, raven to ginger the wigs come in many colors as per your taste. Wigs have become more of a style statement than need in modern times. If one fancies about how she would look in a perfect pixie-gypsy cut it’s the right time to indulge in a perfect short wig.


Easy on the eyes and with options to further experimentalism, short wigs are just the kind of fun you might have been looking for.



Any of the above looks are possible with the courtesy of short hair wigs. Go for the virgin variety and dye it as per your flavor. Believe me; it will definitely rock.


But wait, what about a grizzly and wild mane that screams sexy?! It’s none other than the curly hair wigs for you


Short curls or long curls? Kinky curls or high-end perms? The list is quite endless when it comes to the variety of curly hair wigs and this is what makes them exquisite and risqué, to say the least.


Now, how to choose these wigs as per your face cut?


Well, it depends on what you want.


>>If you have chubby features and feel like making them look sharper then you must invest in a short wig that comes with straightened cuts like asymmetric blunt, bob blunt, long mushroom or perfect notching and fringing.


>>If you are on the contoured side of features and want to bring in subtlety to your looks then you can buy curly wigs for women. The length – short or long again depends on your face and how you want to portray it.


-Elongated face would look cutesy with long mass of curls


-Short yet contoured face will look bubbly with shorter kinky curls and perms a like.


If you still feel confused and are not able to visualize these wigs then you can look online for them and also find suitable ones for you. Wigs on sale are the best part of playing experimental dress up this fall.


Well, how to pick these wigs when looking for a change in look?


Again, this is more about your personal perspective and how you want to come forward with this one. Curly wigs come under funky and chic while crisp short wigs are labelled as classy and corporate.


It is the demand and supply chain that matters and also choosing something that gives you the look you desire.


This fall the fashion reigns have tightened their hold in the hairstyle domain and we can see people experimenting to find out the ‘it’ look and make the most of their investment in either a curly or a crisp short hair wig.


So what are you planning to try first? Curly or Short or Curly-shorts?

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